Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A quick note, including thank yous!

Well, if you've ever put your mouth to a microphone, you know about popping. Popping p's, s's that sound like snakes, etc. I started recording, and realized that with how INCREDIBLE the microphone is, you were going to be able to hear every single noise I make!

Well, where do I get a damper. I asked a couple of folks at work how much this costs, and where I can buy one. Doug Hare, and Quikson D both suggested that I use panty hose pressed into a loop. Did it work? Yes. Did it work well? Not really. Did I still have to sit there and take every single popped noise out of the recording. Yes.

Would I have bought the damper if I had more money... probably. Ah well. Vince drew me a melancholy award for all of my hard work on the book.

Pictures of the home made damper, melancholy award, and other fun pictures will be posted here.

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