Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What shall I do?

I can burn a cd just as well as the next geek. However, I have NO experience with selling, marketing or creating audio books. Like a good broadcaster, I figure that I'm just the dumb voice (sarcasm is present there).

At this point in the story, I'm not sure what to do! It's true that I feel very passionate about Joel's book, and standing up for food in general. I am a very time poor person though, so I just wrote... well... what I felt:

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from Theresa Lyons
date Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 8:20 AM
subject Re: Everything I Want to Do is Illegal
Apr 10

Hi Joel,
My husband and I are big fans of audiobooks from the library. This is
because we do mindless work at our jobs, and having something actually
stimulating going on in your head makes the days a lot better!

We found "The omnivore's dilemma" as a book on CD, watched "Food
Inc.", and heard of "Everything I want to do..." , and went to the
library to see if we could get it as an audio book.

We couldn't, so we just got the book, which my husband and I are
reading out loud to each other. We just finished the million mile
chicken chapter while we were waiting at the doctors office.

My proposal is, I can voice the book and it can be turned into an
audio book. This is just a voluntary thing to make the book more
accessible. The question is, do you think that would make your book
more accessible to folks that you wish to reach? I can say that
several folks my age (Hubby and I are 32), who work tech jobs all day
just listen to audio books.

I know absolutely nothing about publishing an audio book, let alone
selling. I assumed the right place to start would be your
distributor/publisher I found on the back cover. I can say that, a
couple of years ago, someone directed me to this site:

There, folks can turn printed work into audio work for those who wish
to listen. It appears that your book doesn't qualify under "public
domain", but what it qualifies as is really something that a
publisher, or someone in that industry would have to analyze. I don't
know anything about whatever "contract" you have with the publisher...
legal rights... etc.

Let me know your thoughts. Even if this doesn't work out that you're
interested in doing the audio thing (I'm surprised no one has
approached you about voicing them yourself), I must say that I have
enjoyed your literary crass, intelligence, and desire to inform people
about what they're actually eating. My husband and I hope to come see
Polyface in action sometime this year.

Theresa Lyons

Ps. Before I sent this, I sent an email to my public library system,
asking them how a book, or audio book would become available at their
library once generated. They have awesome people working there who are
very helpful, so I'll probably hear back monday or tuesday.

-- end of message --

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