Saturday, November 20, 2010


Howdy Joel,

Hope everything is going ok on the farm. I've thought about how hot
we've been here, and then figured you have been in the same boat.

I have several friends who have encouraged me to start a blog about
the experience of recording the audio book, and the conviction I've
had about the issues within the book.

For the blog, I would like to include our correspondence by email.
However, I wanted to have your permission first. Obviously, I would
take out things like your email address, and where you go to church,
your phone number.

What would you think of including that information? If you believe
that's not the best thing, I will just summarize the entries.

Please answer only as you have time, I know you're busy.


-- end of message --

Hi Theresa--

It's fine with me. Nothing inflammatory or litigious in there? I have no idea
what our email correspondence has been. I barely keep up with it on a
daily basis, let alone keep a record of anything. You are amazing.



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