Saturday, November 20, 2010

working a job and being independent

At this point, it should be noted that the reason I have no more time off left now, is because of going on this trip. I'm not bitter... mostly... because it changed the way I think about things. But I am bitter because I like taking it slower around the Holidays.. Anyway...

As you read this post, you'll see some of the stuff I had to try to figure out about our trip. You see, Joel's farm is... well, in the middle of nowhere. And mapquest can't find it, so I couldn't find anything touristy around it because I couldn't find the point where the farm is in the first place!

June 22, 2010

Hi Joel,
Firmer plans at this point. We will arrive Saturday or Sunday, and
plan on coming by on Monday. Any suggestions on where to stay? We're
trying to pull off this whole trip on $150, so we can priceline a room
if nothing else.

Do you have any suggestions about what time we should come by on Monday?

We'll have time to do a few other cheaper things, is there
canoeing/kayaking/hiking around your location you could suggest?  If
we arrive on saturday, are there any cool churches around we can visit
on Sunday?  Are there any local restaurants that haven't been bullied
out of serving your food that we can check out?

I'm sad to say I only have 7 chapters edited and ready to go at this
point, but I'll happily hand those over to you when we meet. If I
could just have  A WEEK without computer problems, I'd be much
further!  I'm going to keep working in the meantime.

(Sorry for all of the questions)


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