Saturday, November 20, 2010

Told you!

From July 11th

Joel and Teresa,

There are no words to express our thanks to both of you for your
hospitality, words of encouragement, and outright good time! So,
simply said, thank you.

We've been telling lots of stories to our friends about our visit who
are quite frankly, fascinated. It's been a great tool to get the word
out about both food, and how big God really is!

When we were sitting at Chipotle together, I wondered “how in the
world did I get here?” I consider all of this an honor to just be
used to further a message that needs to be spread.

Regardless, I wanted to give you an update. I only have 6 chapters
left to record and edit. If my laptop can just hold out that long
without completely breaking down, I will be so relieved! After
visiting the farm, and you all, and the store, I felt a greater sense
of urgency. I realized that the faster I can record, and with quality,
the greater possibility there is that more folks will hear this
message. I didn't really think about when you get more people in and
out of your store, according to the season.

I'm going to strive to have this done by mid August. I'd rather have
it done sooner, so we'll see. When I send it to you, I'll send it on a
jump drive, via US Mail, with delivery receipt. I have a general
mistrust of the US Mail Service, and then I remembered your section on
incompetent postal workers. I think we're on the same page. I'll type
you an email forewarning you of the delivery as well.

One additional note. What you said about resting on Sundays made me
think. Our fellowship seems to go to the extreme edge of the law--
we're not under the law at all, so we don't need to adhere to resting
on one day. One of the many health problems I have (which I am now
going to a holistic doctor now for), is with stress, my immune system,
and my adrenal system. You made me take to heart why we don't make it
a point to rest. The excuses didn't get us far. We are now going to
make an effort to rest on Sundays. So, thanks for speaking up!

Theresa and Vince

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