Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chip oat lay

I cannot express to you how excited I was! Chipotle is one of the few “fast food” places I can actually eat!

If I could guess, they took us to the following Chipotle:
1615 Reservoir St. Harrisonburg, VA 22801

On the way in, we discussed franchising (I thought Chipotle was a franchise), and cell phones. He has a cell phone, but hadn't checked it in several weeks because they don't have service where they live. But they do get cell service near Chipotle!

We walked in together, and there were signs posted indicating that they serve pork from Polyface Farms. Joel introduced himself to the burrito server as “Joel Salatin from Polyface farms, good to meet you.” Everyone smiled on the way through the line, and by the time we got to the end of the line, the manager had come out to greet him. He really wanted to comp all of the food, and Joel flat out refused. In the end, he comped some chips and guac, but Joel really wanted to pay for the rest. He made it clear to us and to the manager that he doesn't visit places trying to get free food.

I've debated about how much of the following conversation to share. As much as I believe that faith is a deeply personal thing, I believe there is also a place for sharing it with others for both your own benefit and theirs. I won't share much about Teresa and Joel's story, but I will say that they were high school sweethearts, and came to know Christ several years ago. Their faith is part of the reason why they try to be good stewards of animals, and the land. Vince and I then shared about when God became personal to us, through Christ, and some of the incredible circumstances surrounding how God has provided for us. It was a great time of personal sharing, uplifting each other, and learning about other people's perspectives. I knew at that time, if nothing else came from this, we were brought together to encourage each other in our faith, and to continue good work throughout our lives.

I couldn't believe we were sitting at Chipotle, with a famous farmer and his wife, talking about God.

They dropped us off back at the hotel, and I continued editing the audio book with my laptop, until dinnertime.

We had taken to heart Joe's suggestion to try a local restaurant called Zynodoa, which serves his food. We had searched their website, and agreed to call them around 5 to make reservations. Their site said “Reservations suggested but not required.”

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