Saturday, November 20, 2010

wandering questions

If you'll notice, I make sure that Joel knows that Vince will be there. Us big-idea people (Joel and I) can often have spouses who can be suspicious. Just wanted to make sure everyone was in the clear!

At this point, I'm also excited to find out just what kind of church this dude goes to. His views are ALL OVER the board!

-- Beginning of message --

June 24th
Hi Joel,
Vince (my husband, who I think I've mentioned before) and I will plan
on being at your place around 8 or 830 Monday morning. We'll wander
around the farm after that to check it out!

I've actually never been camping in my life or else I would take you
up on a place to pitch the tent!

Thank you for the invitation to attend your church on Sunday morning.
Should we meet you there around 945? Just let us know where is
appropriate to meet, as well as the dress that is appropriate. I tried
to find a website but was unable to do so. We also go to a non denom
church, so this should be fine! I like seeing how God works in
different ways that are beyond my perspective!

Also, here is my contact information in case something happens. My
cell phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. We should be bringing the laptop in
case you can't access the files that I've recorded, but I don't have
any idea if we'll have internet access at our hotel to receive any
emails you send. We'll leave Saturday morning, and will probably
arrive around 5pm.

Look forward to meeting you!


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