Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good info!

Hi Teresa--

I have a 10 a.m. radio show Monday so I'll be free before then or after 10:45.
I think I'd prefer to see you earlier, unless that's too confining for you.

I don't have any accommodation suggestions.  I assume you're not camping.
If you were, you could certainly stay here.  Otherwise, Staunton has all sorts
of places.

Hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway is a favorite around here.  Several very
scenic and enjoyable vistas and geographic points of interest.

Churches:  Daniel and Sheri go to (******) in Staunton.  Teresa and I go to
(******) in Weyers Cave--would be glad
to take you with us.  Not sure what your tastes are.  We're a nondenom group
of believers.  That's all.  But the area has everything from Catholic to Lutheran
to Episcopal to Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Assemblies of God, etc.

Local restaurants:  Zynodoa (but that will eat up $60 of your $150 allowance).
Generally, restaurants that serve our stuff are pricey--good, but pricey.

If you like museum/living history stuff, the American Frontier Culture Museum
is quite a place, and I don't think very expensive.  It's in Staunton and a very
neat place.  I'm sure you could google it and see all about it.  Plan on half a
day there if you go.

Our farm store is open Saturday's 9-4 so somebody is around all day.  Not sure
what we'll be doing.  Sunday we rest, except for doing chores.  Sunday evening
a college friend and family come (7 of them in all) to spend several days with us,
so our accommodations are pretty taken during that time.

Look forward to meeting you and catching up.  Pleasant travels.

Best regards,

Joel Salatin

-- end of message --

Please note that I have taken out the names of their churches, to protect their own privacy. They did not ask for me to do this, I just wanted to respect their choices. If you really want to know, you can figure out how to get a hold of me.

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