Saturday, November 20, 2010

a contract

July 24th

Hi Joel,

Hope your discovery seminars went without government incident!

We took the jump drive to the post office this morning. We included
pictures from our visit, and of me in our "studio" (which is really
the back bedroom). Interestingly, they stated it should arrive on
Monday. I sent it certified mail.

If there are any problems/concerns/questions with the receipt, PLEASE
let me know. Advise your computer literate person who burns the cds of
the same thing. I'm available to help in any way possible.

We're headed up to Huron Ohio for vacation with some folks from church
for a couple of days. If something urgent occurs with the audio book
(which I don't think it will, I have two backup copies here), you can
call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

I'm interested to hear how this all turns out, so keep me posted, as
your time allows. I know you're busy!

I am thinking of doing a blog talking about all of this, several
friends have encouraged me to do as such..... just an fyi.

And, if needed, here you go:

Dear Joel Salatin,
Do whatever you wish with the audio book recording. Sell it at the
store, put it up on your website, market it to libraries, do what you
think is best.


In an official capacity,

Theresa Lyons

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