Saturday, November 20, 2010


Did you know that turkeys chirp?

Did you know that geese (not Canadian) are good watchers for chickens and turkeys? They will alert people or others of any predators, and look after the flock as if they are their own.

We walked through hills of green. I brought a hat, and was just wearing shorts and a tshirt. It was sweltering anyway. At least for this girl who sits in an air conditioned office most of the year.

After seeing the little chickens, the big chickens, and turkeys, we took out a blanket and had our sandwich lunch under a tree on the Polyface front yard. It's certainly a different experience, knowing that the turkey you may take home and eat tomorrow, is watching you eat your lunch. If you go to a conventional farm, the poultry will run away from you because they think it's their time to die. Here, a person means food and care.

I have never seen happy pigs before. They were laying in the shade, up a hill, looking happy to be a pig.

We also saw their huge garden, and Daniel's rabbit house.

I couldn't make it up the hill to see the cows, I felt so hot I was going to pass out. I went back to the house to get some shade, and Teresa invited me to cool my feet off in the small pool they have in the front yard. I took up her offer gratefully, and socialized with her and one of her college friends for some time before Vince re appeared.

Joel had been on the phone most of the time after we met, about a new book deal. While we were trying to beat the heat, we got to know their house guests, and I introduced their youngest to Pixel Puzzles. Another addict was born that day!

Exhausted, we headed back to the hotel. We took a slight detour up to the Blue Ridge Moutains, but I was so carsick that it wasn't really fun for me. Beautiful, but not fun.

We accidentally took a three hour nap (go ahead and laugh at us techie-city-folk), and woke up in time to make dinner, and go back to sleep again.

If there is one thing I can say over and over again about the Polyface, it's about the grass. The different colors of grass are everywhere, and they complete the whole picture of how Polyface works.

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