Monday, November 1, 2010


(from June 5th)

Hi Joel,
I wanted to give you an update. First of all, after lots of computer
problems, I've made it through recording chapter 8. I hope to get more
done this weekend :-)

Unfortunately, I didn't get the job I had hoped to. In addition, it
looks like the company my husband and I work for will be closing our
site (employs about 800 people), and moving the jobs elsewhere. I have
no date on this of course, but being laid off and getting severance
pay for awhile may be a good thing.

Regardless, we've put in for vacation time June 26-30th. The drive
from our place to yours is about six and a half hours, so we'll need
almost a full day to drive comfortably. Do you have any suggestions on
which days of those we should aim to be there?

It would be sweet if I could finish the book before then (for each
chapter I have to read it, then edit it, then convert the file and all
kinds of fun techie stuff), so I can just hand it to you, but it's
pretty unlikely I'll have THAT much work done by then.

No need to hurry on that response... obviously there's a good amount
of time between now and the end of June.
-- end of message --

Joel's response:

(from June 8th)
Hi Teresa--

That's an excellent time for us. I'm home and the calendar is fairly open.
I'd say come on out Monday or Tuesday. I'm looking forward to meeting you
and receiving the disk. Sorry to hear about the employment travails.

Just let us know your plans as they firm up.

Many thanks.

Joel Salatin
Polyface Farm

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