Saturday, November 20, 2010

The last day

The last day

It was monday morning, time to pack up and head back for Ohio. This was a very sad parting. We left, wishing that there was some way that we could pay off all of our debt, and do this ourselves. On our way out of town, we went back to Polyface to visit the on farm store.

We spotted Teresa on the way in, putting out a fire about a group of folks who had ordered Joel's books, but not gotten them. They were in the process of renovating the farm store, so the order probably got lost when their lines were down.

Let's see... we bought a chicken, one rabbit, two pounds of ground beef, two pounds of Italian sausage, and a dozen eggs. Vince and I also bought two fun shirts they have available at their store. One says “Support your local lunatic farmer”, and the other says “Everything I want to do is illegal”.

While we were in the store, they were putting together food for their co-op. They have some really hard workers with their interns and staff, trying to get everything right for their customers.

While we were there, we met Joel's mother. She was cross stitching, so I went to the car and showed her my cross stitch. We talked for awhile, and it was good to meet her and get to know her.

We snapped some pictures with Teresa, and when we were headed out, Joel pulled up with someone he was helping with some hay. We took a quick picture, and headed back to Columbus.

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